Many of you have contacted us on behalf of your personal or professional communication needs and we are ready to help! 

Joy (founder of Punchline) and her community have got you covered. Her experience ranges from years of communication studies, conference director; producer; speaker; podcaster; content creator; video personality; writer; and literary and speaking agent.  In working with Joy she will ask you questions to help you identify what obstacles you are facing, give you out-of-the-box ideas and help you create an achievable action plan and next step.

But Punchline isn't just Joy and Joy is a connector. Whatever your next step is, she will find someone in the Punchline community who can help you get there. 


  • Pre-Assessment of your needs and a suggested plan - via email.
  • One-Hour Skype or Phone Meeting
  • Follow up Action Plan document that gives you a timeline or next steps to help you accomplish goals.  

Public speaking isn't your fear, it's talking, pitching or getting through to that one person. Even Jerry Seinfeld says he can speak comfortably to an entire audience but not one person.

  • Job Interviews
  • Office Life
  • Dating Confusion
  • New Culture or Community
  • Generational Gaps

Call us, Jerry! 

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You're just a landline guy/gal living in an insta-world.  Social Media can feel impersonal, foreign and scary. Or maybe you aren't fearful, but unsure where to start. If "they've" ever told you to...

  • "Build a platform”
  • "Connect with the online community”
  • "Tweet, Instagram, Facebook LIVE and PERISCOPE IF ANYONE STILL DOES!"

Contact us through your dial up and we will help you accomplish YOUR goals in YOUR voice.

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Friends (mostly your mom) have always said you were a born speaker, but is it just her? Maybe, but maybe not! We can help you get jump started on your speaking journey. Have you ever wondered...

  • Do I really have a story to tell?
  • How do I get people to listen?
  • Why is that person on stage? How did they get people to listen to them?

[Points to marquee with your name in lights and speaks in 1920's showbiz voice.]  "Hey kid, you're gonna be a star!"

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We’ve hosted, produced and spoken at events. The perfect event isn’t possible, but we know how to help you prioritize and pin-point the elements to make your event one to remember.  If you’re:

  • Dreaming
  • Producing
  • Promoting
  • Leading Volunteers
  • Pulling out your hair...

We can help you survive, have a little fun and lead the way in making the clip-board fashionable again.

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Yes, but how? “Picture them naked” has been a public speaking tip that is not helpful for anybody. To truly KNOW your audience takes much more mental energy than just writing a speech or preparing Powerpoint. If you are:

  • A first time or seasoned communicator engaging a new audience
  • Wondering if that dad-joke is going to work with college students
  • Curious if CEO's like being forced to do trust falls
  • Or anything audience related...

...Close your eyes, we got you!

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What is it about pushing the “LIVE” button on social media or seeing that red light blinking on a camera that makes many of us stop being ourselves? Do you...

  • Hate watching yourself on camera
  • Want to truly connect and “be yourself” to your online community
  • Need to be professional as you pitch an idea or product
  • Feel like you don't know where you should land on the friend to professional scale to best connect with an audience?

"The red light is on, are you recor.... oh you are." Let's chat. 

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Want to chat first? If you don't find what you're looking for, tell us what you need here or send us a note on the contact page and we can figure out next steps. 

Talk soon! 

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As a journalist and videographer moving into the nonprofit field, I really wanted to expand my public speaking skills but had no idea where to start. Joy was incredibly helpful in helping me write and execute a talk, but also in helping me understand the business aspects of moving toward a freelance model as a videographer.

Every outline, talk or pitch I brought to her, she had new ideas and ways of changing it that enhanced what I wanted to say without taking away from my core message or voice. Joy has a unique gift in meeting people right where they are at. Even if you’re brand new to public speaking or don’t have any gigs set up, I’d highly recommend working with her to get started on refining your message.
— Kristi Oloffson, Videographer - Dow Jones
Joy is a great leader and remarkable listener, laser-focused on helping me grow. She went above and beyond with creative insights, pruning questions, and practical resources—her consulting gave me peace, clarity, and a deeper vision of where I need to go.
— Ross Kaellner, Founder - Tailored Coach
A session with Punchline provided just the help I needed while filming an online course. When I wasn’t really feeling like myself, I scheduled a call and received practical feedback and a plan for how to be natural and connective on camera. I walked away feeling more confident about how to connect with my audience, what to do with my hands, and tips for striking the balance between friendly and professional.
— Rachel Jacobson, Calligrapher + Business Owner
I really can’t say thank you enough for your help with my development as a speaker. From speaking tips to my website and social media, this has been just the boost I needed. The time line you created is helping me reach the larger goal that I have had for so long and I’m excited to see where this takes me.
— Ruth Zylka, Blogger + Speaker