marcy gregg

Marcy is a wife, mother, grandmother, abstract oil painter, speaker and survivor. In 1990, at the age of 30, Marcy and her husband welcomed their third child, a little girl. However, their joy was quickly overshadowed when an undetected complication that arose during delivery caused Marcy to suddenly slip into a coma. With little hope of survival, doctors prepared her family for the worst; yet God had other plans. Marcy miraculously woke up days later, only to believe she was 17 years old. Much of Marcy’s memory was gone and she was left with the daunting task of rebuilding her identity in a life she did not recognize.

Overwhelmed and angry, Marcy spent years hiding her truth, leading to alcohol addiction and depression, but God never left her. What can only be described as Divine Intervention, an unsuspecting evening walk brought Marcy to her knees, both physically and spiritually. She realized the sacred memories of her past were insignificant to the purpose of her future and little did she know, this unforeseen tragedy would be leading her to her destiny. With a newfound perspective, she was determined to make the most of her second chance at life and eventually found herself picking up a paintbrush.

In sharing her life story on various stages and in living rooms across the nation, Marcy seeks to inspire others by finding beauty in the abstract, both in life and art, and to find the deeper meaning behind the canvas of their life through Hope in the unseen. Her layered oil paintings reflect her life’s ongoing testimony and firm foundation in the Living Word and are an integral part in each of her talks.

On any given day, you’ll find Marcy painting barefoot in her light-filled studio, teaching local Bible studies, serving the homeless, and spending time with her husband, Dev, and furry art critic, Buddy the family dog.

Topics Include
Art | Faith | Trauma Reconcilation
Possible Formats
Keynotes | Retreats | Conferences

Past Engagements

  • Wells Fargo

  • Barrings LLC

  • Women Under Construction Conference

  • New City Church

  • The Harvest Center

  • Charlotte Leadership Forum

  • Hometown Heroes 2017

Travel Info

Departing From:
Austin, TX