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elizabeth knox

Elizabeth Knox started MatchPace in 2016 because of her love for working. She knows how much companies, government agencies, and non-profits contribute to the good that the world needs, and Elizabeth helps organizations use the right team, to focus on the right priorities, to drive to the right outcomes and give people back their time. Elizabeth is the creator and host of the podcast "You Need to Stop Doing That," challenging the thought that we should always add more to our lives - more tech solutions, more activities, more relationships, more stuff; but in reality, if we want to live a life in line with our priorities, we often need to prune things away. 

You can find Elizabeth squarely in the "messy middle" of her new start-up, while raising 4 small children, being a spouse, and a community member. She speaks from a place of honesty, not as someone who has all the answers, but as someone who, like most of us, is still trying to figure it out, and knows that figuring-it-out is a life-long process. 

Elizabeth's writing has been featured in HuffPost, Thrive Global, Today's Parents, and Today's Christian Women. Her first book, Faith Powered Profession - a Woman's Guide to Living with Faith and Values in the Workplace was published in 2013 and helps women grasp the importance and power of their professional work. Her next book - focusing on the importance of working at the right pace - is in the works, and due to be completed in 2020.

Topics Include
Business | Women | Entrepreneurship
Possible Formats
Keynotes | Breakout/Workshop Sessions | Seminars

Past Engagements

  • Corporate Clients

  • National Community Church Faith and Work Event

  • The Wesleyan Church Psalm 104 Event

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Washington, DC