Cassandra Soars

Cassandra Soars is the author of the book Love Like Fire: The Story of Heidi Baker as well as various magazine articles in Christianity Today and Charisma Magazine. She has a master of fine arts in creative writing from the University of Pittsburgh. Before Cassandra moved to Mozambique, Africa to do research for her book, she taught creative writing at the college-level.

Cassandra also earned a master's degree in international development from the University of London's prestigious School of Oriental and African Studies, and she spent seven years living abroad doing missions and development work in Sub-Saharan Africa.  Cassandra met her husband Steve while in Africa, and they recently founded an app called iHeartUs, which helps couples to strengthen their relationships. She frequently blogs about family and marriage for and hosts an iHeartUs podcast centered around how to make your marriage stronger. She speaks on the topics of writing; missions; overcoming trauma; and how to strengthen your marriage. 

Topics Include
Writing Your Story I The Power of Story I Overcoming Trauma
Possible Formats
Keynote I 3hr Workshop I Retreat

Past Engagements

  • Living Hope Community Church, Canada
  • Lake Tahoe Christian Fellowship
  • Cafe Church, France
  • DARE Women’s Conference, South Africa
  • Breakforth Finland, Tampere, Finland
  • Iris Global missions school
  • Compania de Mujeres, Women’s conference, Managua, Nicaragua

Travel Info

Departing From:
Redding, CA

I have observed Cassandra as she skillfully taught a three-hour class and discussion on creative nonfiction techniques in one of my graduate classes. Cassandra is intellectually curious, and she also lives out of this curiosity.

Creative nonfiction writers are encouraged to utilize literary and even cinematic techniques, from scene to dialogue to description to point of view, to write about themselves and others, capturing real people and real life in ways that can and have changed the world. What is most important and enjoyable about creative nonfiction is that it not only allows but also encourages the writer to become a part of the story or essay being written. Cassandra is able to teach students to record their experiences in a meaningful way, and to help them contemplate and find the universal themes as they encounter things, ideas, and people entirely new to them. She encourages writers to be poetic and journalistic simultaneously.

Anyone who has met Cassandra knows what an extraordinary human being she is.
— Lee Gutkind, who Vanity Fair called the “godfather behind creative nonfiction”