Punch line

noun: the final phrase or sentence of a joke or story, providing the humor or some other crucial element

Every Punchline Speaker has something crucial to say. Some of them use humor, some do art, some sing, some write, some actually dance. Regardless of their format, we’ve chosen them because we believe in them and their ability to communicate that crucial something.

Our Team


Joy Eggerichs Reed - Founder I Agent

Hi, I’m Joy, and this agency is a longtime idea-come-true. Let’s call it a spontaneous combustion of several different gigs, roles, fields of study, and industry observations all culminating into an a-ha moment that I named Punchline Speakers.

My past experience has included roles as: conference director; producer; speaker; podcaster; content creator; video personality; writer; and literary and speaking agent. The idea of Punchline was birthed when speakers began to approach me to represent them.  

As a longtime lover of the craft that is public speaking and a natural promoter of things I believe in, building an agency model that embodied what I would have wanted as an event organizer and what I want as a speaker was something I was excited to tackle. Because I know both sides, and all that lies in between, I appreciate the detailed customer service required to make all parties happy.

I found the right collaborators and have put it all together in one place: Punchline 


Matthew Reed - Finance Manager

Hi, I'm Matt and husband of Joy: Co-dreamer of Punchline.

I grew up in Vermont in a small but close knit family and attended the University of Vermont. Having stayed in one place for (nearly) 22 years, I packed up my car in 2002 and drove across the country to Portland Oregon with a duffel bag, my best friend, and no idea what was next. Since then I’ve worked in the Oregon Legislature, ran a campaign to pass a $276 million bond for new parks, and participated in the financing and development of over 100 units of new affordable housing. Since 2007 I’ve worked for EDF Renewable Energy where I help corporations and financial institutions invest their capital in green energy sources. I have recently been transferred to Paris, France with my company but in my free time I'll be managing the financial aspect of Punchline and continuing to dream with Joy as it grows.