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Punch line

noun: the final phrase or sentence of a joke or story, providing the humor or some other crucial element


Punchline Speakers is the place where I, Joy, can support events, speakers and communicators of all sorts. From discussing your communication needs to booking you a great speaker, this is the place for us to get started. 


Everyone has something to say. Some of us use humor to speak, others speak through creating art, or raising functional human beings, or writing the next NY Times best seller. Maybe you've started a company that says something clear to a specific niche, or you started a social media movement and it's speaking volumes beyond what you imagined.

Regardless of the platform or audience, your life is crucial and it says something. That's exciting (and frightening) to think about. 


Most of us desire authentic communication. Unfortunately, we can't know if what is communicated to us is honest and true. But, we can be personally responsible for the authenticity of what we are communicating.

So the question is -- how as a brand, a person or an organization do we achieve this effectively?

About Me


Iā€™m Joy and I currently live in Paris, France via Portland, Oregon. I've had several different gigs, roles, fields of study, and industry observations. These have all culminated in what I call Punchline Speakers.

My experience has included roles as: conference director; producer; speaker; podcaster; content creator and consultant; video personality; writer; literary and speaking agent. I once won a bedroom set and $40 worth of Lysol on the Price Is Right, which I wish I could say also shaped my career path.

Fine, I'll say it. Hearing Rod Roddy call my name was life-changing. 

As a longtime lover of communication, a natural promoter and connector of people, I'd love to find a speaker for your event or discuss your next idea, keynote or project.


P.S. This is my husband, Matt. His job is the reason we live in France and I also happen to think he's cute so I wanted to show you his picture.