Joy Eggerichs Reed

Communications consultant, action plan creator, speaking and literary agent ...and some other stuff. 


Event Bookings

 Tell me about your event and I will reply with 2-3 options of speakers that will fit your topic(s) and budget. (But don't be cheap). 


My experience ranges from conference director; producer; speaker; podcaster; content creator; video personality; writer; literary agent and speaking agent. I work with people and organizations to find and fine tune their natural and authentic voice and to discover creative ways to navigate the industry in which they find themselves as communicators. 

In working together, I will help you identify what obstacles you are facing and give you out-of-the-box ideas as well as achievable next steps.  

About Punchline

Everyone has something to say. Some of us use humor to speak, others speak through creating art, or raising functional human beings, or writing the next NY Times best seller. Maybe you've started a company that says something clear to a specific niche, or you started a social media movement and it's speaking volumes beyond what you imagined.

Regardless of the platform or audience, your life is crucial and it says something. That's exciting (and frightening) to think about. 


Other questions? Comments? A joke you think will make me laugh audibly?