Esther Havens

Esther Havens is a humanitarian photographer capturing stories that transcend a person's circumstances and reveal their true strength. For many years, she has worked on social-awareness campaigns with organizations such as charity: water, TOMS Shoes, Warby Parker and Malaria No More.

Her images compel thought and challenge action. She has traveled to over 60 nations in the last 10 years -- and she'll keep going until she sees that every person on the planet has access to education, clean drinking water and a job to provide for their families. At heart, she is a connector, fostering relationships across continents, cultures, industries and perspectives. While not traveling, Esther is currently home-based in Dallas, TX at WELD.

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Past Engagements

  • IF Gathering
  • Catalyst Conference
  • Southwestern Photojournalism Conference
  • The Barefoot Tribe Conference
  • The Justice Conference
  • Story Conference (Chicago, IL)

Travel Info

Departing From:
Dallas, TX

Esther Havens has the unique ability to find the story behind every person she meets. Seeing with the eyes of an exceptional photographer, and engaging first with the heart of a storyteller, she is able to capture images that profoundly convey a message beyond a mere portrait or experience. Esther’s heart and passion for people and for story-telling is contagious and her vast experience with different cultures, and in countries throughout the world has positioned her as an expert student of people and societies. She communicates big ideas and complex fears in a disarming and relatable manner, seeking to help others understand and grasp new ideas or truths. Esther is a natural teacher, with a genuine desire to help open peoples eyes to see the story and the image of God in every person.
— Vickie Reddy - Executive Producer of The Justice Conference and founder of We Welcome Refugees
Esther has a deep passion for photography and storytelling that is evident to both her clients and her subjects. While tremendously professional, Esther remains very personable, making her a joy to work with.
— Kimberly Young
Esther is an incredible storyteller + gifted photographer. She is a much needed voice that encourages humanitarian photographers and social entrepreneurs to use their powers in the best ways to help others.
— Courtney Holder